Year of The Bird (Volume 2)

by Pale Bird

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Directive Four: [Classified]
The Mountains Look Like Scotland
Harp Lie
Hezarico! [Radio Edit]


releases July 1, 2019


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Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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Track Name: Passion
“Passion” - that’s a word you use to beat shame into people
You’re "passionate about your brand", you say
“Why don’t you love the things you do with
An all-consuming passion?”
We hear that one-man show each day

I don’t want to single out every rudderless person
Who has to do a dance inside
Just to get out of bed in the morning
But we get so far from our actual feelings

One day I watched the film American Hustle
By David O Russell
(David O. Hustle)
In its entirety
On the screen of the man in front of me
On a flight traveling over the Atlantic
There were no subtitles, I could not hear the sound
Piecing it all together, this is what I found

1. Men really love the 70s, everyone was drunk and they could do what they wanted
2. Amy Adams is a real contender for silent film, forget about the boys - they’re not very memorable
3. The world is so, so, beige
4. I don’t want to live my life at a remove, insulated by money, drugs or booze
Or retreat into nostalgic memories
And I have passions, but there isn’t just one thing that
I’d throw myself down on some altar to possess

Is being a human person enough?
“Being’s enough, being is tough”
As Jean-Paul Satre said
(I think he’s paraphrasing, he didn’t even get his name right)
In a dream I was walking with a friend, heading to his house, so we could take some tea
(I don’t understand what’s happening now)
And we were passing through a forest struck with lightning
Beside us as we walked, it didn’t strike us though
Yes, we were frightened
And before we reached his home, I woke
What do you think it means?
Track Name: The Empire Strikes Back
Why are you whispering? What’s there to whisper about?
The forecast says the rivers are rushing, they want to turn the Windrush around
Well fuck those people, fight those people, forget those people, frighten those people
But don’t apologise never apologise for those people

I passed by an antique shop in Kyoto in Japan
When I came across an old bus sign from the town where my youth unfurled
Like a familiar flag caught up in a light breeze
Clinging to the pole, showing limited flashes of colour
Dreaming about leaving and turning into a man
And now this bus had followed me half way around the world

Hadley and Leegomery, Dawley and Sutton Hill
Must have seemed exotic to these antique-brokers
From Kyoto and Kanazawa, Tokyo and Osaka
Hukei and Hiroshima, Takamatsu and Fukuoka

These are places, truth be told, where I may never return
The old familiar feelings of fear and death are overpowering
Twenty years of absence haven’t made the heart grow fonder
The twisted root remains even as the tree is flowering

Reminding me of who I am
(I don’t want to be told about who I am)
I can make up my mind about who I am
And if not, I’d rather not know
If I look too hard I see a future free of fantasy
A different instability
And that’s when it’s time to go

Why are you whispering?
I think I told you before
The light at the end of the tunnel looks like a gaping maw
Track Name: Sensible List
Let’s not get from A to B
Let’s tiptoe around the blame
We never go out with your friends
I’ve never heard you say my name


I’ve been with you for so long
I’ve walked with you through hell
You barely talk about me
It sets off warning bells

It’s true, we do spend time with your closest friends
But they already knew me
Even though they might pretend
That you introduced me
And why does this sensible list
Make me the needy one?
It’s just what anybody sane would want

Honestly you’d think that you were leading a separate life
Stop trying to excise me, you would need a sharper knife

Depression, you’re a hungry dog
Track Name: The Day After Yesterday
It seemed unlikely he’d met me before
We were close to The Pole of Nothing Is Here
His words were burdened with mint leaves and bourbon
And Sam Beckett references I couldn’t hear

This drunk H G Wells had figured out how
To travel one day into his past
“Like terrible jet lag with more deja vu”
He told me a moment before I had asked

He said, “Which day would you change if you could?
I tried to change things in a few tiny ways
To make my life better, but even that was too hard
I pulled on a thread and it unravelled for days”

He revealed that we met
On the day after yesterday
I’d wanted to know his secrets back then
And we’d fought and he’d nearly killed me, and so
He’d come back to stop it from happening again

I told him “Old man,
I’ve listened closely
That secret is ours now
It’s not yours to own"

Eyes wide and angry
He swung at my wildly
The room disappeared and I woke up alone

I went back to find him
The day after yesterday
Unfinished business thick in the air
He left little trace, just an untouched mint julep
A friendly reminder so I’d know he’d been there

We’ve never crossed paths again
Though, if we did
I’d have no idea
What to say
I’m so much older now, and I’ve changed my past
So many times, a little each day
I’m so much older now, and I’ve lived my life
So many times, a piece every day

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