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Unwavering Sentinels of Dreaming

by Pale Bird

Many Moons 04:11
Oh! I’m eating a fish! What a surprise One’s been on my plate day after day I suppose that’s not enough cause for complaint There’s an angry green-grey whittling our island away Trying to swallow us, day after day Never forgiving and never the same By day, I scan the sea for the safe return Of all our fisherfolk By dusk, my fingers burn In the racing green of the oscilloscope And almost every night There’s a signal that I’ve seen that means I don’t quite give up hope I’m sorry I had to get so far away To talk about how I feel I always dreamed of escape I never thought I needed people much But now I miss your touch And, yes, this life’s a novelty But day to day’s monotony without you walking next to me One day I slipped my foot Into the oily water, and I can’t describe the feeling As I walked along the shore Collecting creatures we might eat, as I do every evening And one night I’ll look up I’ll see the moon, and I’ll forget that’s not the moon you’re seeing That’s not the same moon that you are seeing
I made a piece of software You can download it to your phone It lets you access wells of deep despair When you’re on the go A piece of the abyss that I’ve put within your reach I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me I raised monuments in every town To the worst people I could find So humanity’s greatest gargoyles Could be upmost in your mind I wish you could look through my eyes I wish you could see what I see I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me I made a million stories about fake robotic oppression I penned a million sagas about heroic government inspectors So you can go about your day to day Content in what you do You’re not locked in here with me, I’m locked in here with you
I made Jenny cry I really don’t know how I think it was the way I played my seven string guitar so sweetly “No it isn’t that”, she said, “why don’t you believe me?” She took me by the hand, and then she asked if I remembered I have such a good friend Who tells me all the ugly things I’ve said Admittedly, they’re in my head, but I think that they’re right this time “No, it isn’t that”, she said, “why won’t you believe me?” She looked me in the eye and then she asked me to remember The Night of the Comet She said I was there As people started rising in the air “Do you remember the girl you found? Her whole body chalked around It went so deep into the ground Through the cliff below You didn’t want to be the one to hold her down But if you hadn’t, who knows how How high she would have flown It’s not the world that made me cry It wasn’t something in my eye And it’s not the way you play your seven string guitar so sweetly Why won’t you believe me You were there to see me As my tiptoes rose above the ground And your arm shot out to reach me”
You come from the places You only ever talk about to say How much you hate That metal you transmuted In a place of lonely vertical planes Along the way To the plains of horizontal lines Laid low by long complaint And unwavering sentinels of dreaming Unbent by this weight It’s so hard to love somebody who doesn’t love themselves as hard as you do And even knowing that I’m still not good enough Not to see you The way that you do But I fell into you The way a fleeing fugitive Racing across a moonlit field falls into a drainage ditch I wish you wouldn’t Put that weight on it Folded like the the front of your car Crumpled where it hit You come from the places You only ever talk about to say How much you hate And unwavering sentinels of dreaming Are unbent by this weight Unwavering sentinels of dreaming Standing guard over every mistake


released December 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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