Directive Four: [Classified]

from Year of The Bird (Volume 2) by Pale Bird



Yes I’m always complaining
Aren’t you pleased I’ve found something I enjoy?
Something I’m good at
Always a reason for someone to shut there negative feelings

I see your silver person person of pistons
I see your silver person person of steel

And hey, every robot needs its prime directives
The first three make a certain amount of sense, like
Don’t punch any children
Don’t poison housecoats
Be excellent to each other
And then there’s the 4th

The 4th, you can’t say
You know what it is but
If you try to speak it
It goes for your neck

It goes for your nervous system
Your motion’s a low vibration
Between doing something and doing nothing
It’s going to shake you into pieces

And at this point in the story
You’re on the 25th storey
Someone needs to fire that one bad apple
Near the top of the hierarchy

You’re a useless piece of crap
If you’re just rocking forwards and back
And if you want your happy ending
You’d better get out of this trap


from Year of The Bird (Volume 2), released July 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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