“Passion” - that’s a word you use to beat shame into people
You’re "passionate about your brand", you say
“Why don’t you love the things you do with
An all-consuming passion?”
We hear that one-man show each day

I don’t want to single out every rudderless person
Who has to do a dance inside
Just to get out of bed in the morning
But we get so far from our actual feelings

One day I watched the film American Hustle
By David O Russell
(David O. Hustle)
In its entirety
On the screen of the man in front of me
On a flight traveling over the Atlantic
There were no subtitles, I could not hear the sound
Piecing it all together, this is what I found

1. Men really love the 70s, everyone was drunk and they could do what they wanted
2. Amy Adams is a real contender for silent film, forget about the boys - they’re not very memorable
3. The world is so, so, beige
4. I don’t want to live my life at a remove, insulated by money, drugs or booze
Or retreat into nostalgic memories
And I have passions, but there isn’t just one thing that
I’d throw myself down on some altar to possess

Is being a human person enough?
“Being’s enough, being is tough”
As Jean-Paul Satre said
(I think he’s paraphrasing, he didn’t even get his name right)
In a dream I was walking with a friend, heading to his house, so we could take some tea
(I don’t understand what’s happening now)
And we were passing through a forest struck with lightning
Beside us as we walked, it didn’t strike us though
Yes, we were frightened
And before we reached his home, I woke
What do you think it means?


from Year of The Bird (Volume 2), released July 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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