Suggestions for Halloween

from Year of The Bird (Volume 4) by Pale Bird



We learned through conjuration
By giving our demons flesh
They could at last be vanquished
We formed our congregation
Each one as a horror dressed
Armed with highfalutin language

Anna was spiders, eating up the city
Danny was fascism, that wasn’t pretty
Rita was earthquakes, shaking up the ground
Jeff was no meaning to be found
Leslie was turning into her mother
Dave went as The Other

We all looked so good
Putting on our fear
Terror seemed so passe
When it bears the face
Of someone you hold dear
Disguised with paper mâché

Mark came dressed as H R Giger’s Alien
Alice came as desertification
Kerry was the fear that this fear will never leave again
James dressed up as Nyarlathotep
I was unoriginal
I came as the whole universe

J was losing all their hair
Katie was falling down the stairs
Ahsan was flying through the air
Brendon was being savaged by a bear

Bob came as no one liking him
Alex came as your life not mattering
Charlie came as being trapped in a sentient world of pain for all eternity
Chris was dressed as being unable to help and protect the ones you love
Joseph K came as his dad


from Year of The Bird (Volume 4), released December 23, 2019


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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