Do you really want to hurt these men?
There's so much I can't tell from your expression
And everybody's monologuing
Like we're at a supervillain convention

Do you need a costume change?
Well I could cover that with a distraction
Can you hear the sound of male tears falling
I know that’s your call to action

She’d throw a man out of a window
Looking out of the 15th floor
And in the blinking of an eye
He wouldn’t be winking anymore

Your nights are full of solitude
Your days are spent in bitter contemplation
Waiting for your enemies to be degraded and fall into the ocean
Saying “I don’t care at all” is just my way of saying that I’m frightened
I hope you never find your quarry
You won’t need a sidekick if that happens

She’d throw a man onto a bonfire
Push a man into a busy street
If she didn’t like his tone
And men are men, they never ever moderate their tone

She’d throw a man into a lift shaft
Push a man down a flight of stairs
If he didn’t show respect
And men are men, they never ever show respect


from Ten Things Which Aren't Love, released November 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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