The Bats and the Bears

from Ten Things Which Aren't Love by Pale Bird



Every single bird in the wood was taking something from me
Every day
So I knew that I was on the right track when those feathery fuckers took my breadcrumbs away
To spell out a message up ahead on the path
That said "Dead Men Tell No Tales - ha ha ha ha"

I'd taken myself for a walk
hoping that there would be
Some kinds of animals to see
But all of the interesting ones -
All the bats and the bears -
They were still asleep

All the ones that were left had personality flaws
Full of bitterness and malice to the tips of their claws

If these creatures knew hope, long ago they forgot
Won't you listen to me, I've become
Apologist laureate

I suppose I should have sat them all down, told them how terrible they are, they'd have believed every word
But instead I said to each "you are loved" because that seemed a kinder thing to tell to a bird

Yes you're the reason that I lost my way
But that's not the biggest thing I've lost, no
Not even today
And I'm not in it to win it so losing things is ok


from Ten Things Which Aren't Love, released November 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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