The Day After Yesterday

from Year of The Bird (Volume 2) by Pale Bird



It seemed unlikely he’d met me before
We were close to The Pole of Nothing Is Here
His words were burdened with mint leaves and bourbon
And Sam Beckett references I couldn’t hear

This drunk H G Wells had figured out how
To travel one day into his past
“Like terrible jet lag with more deja vu”
He told me a moment before I had asked

He said, “Which day would you change if you could?
I tried to change things in a few tiny ways
To make my life better, but even that was too hard
I pulled on a thread and it unravelled for days”

He revealed that we met
On the day after yesterday
I’d wanted to know his secrets back then
And we’d fought and he’d nearly killed me, and so
He’d come back to stop it from happening again

I told him “Old man,
I’ve listened closely
That secret is ours now
It’s not yours to own"

Eyes wide and angry
He swung at my wildly
The room disappeared and I woke up alone

I went back to find him
The day after yesterday
Unfinished business thick in the air
He left little trace, just an untouched mint julep
A friendly reminder so I’d know he’d been there

We’ve never crossed paths again
Though, if we did
I’d have no idea
What to say
I’m so much older now, and I’ve changed my past
So many times, a little each day
I’m so much older now, and I’ve lived my life
So many times, a piece every day


from Year of The Bird (Volume 2), released July 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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