The Night Of The Comet

from Unwavering Sentinels of Dreaming by Pale Bird



I made Jenny cry
I really don’t know how
I think it was the way I played my seven string guitar so sweetly
“No it isn’t that”, she said, “why don’t you believe me?”
She took me by the hand, and then she asked if I remembered

I have such a good friend
Who tells me all the ugly things I’ve said
Admittedly, they’re in my head, but I think that they’re right this time
“No, it isn’t that”, she said, “why won’t you believe me?”
She looked me in the eye and then she asked me to remember

The Night of the Comet
She said I was there
As people started rising in the air

“Do you remember the girl you found?
Her whole body chalked around
It went so deep into the ground
Through the cliff below

You didn’t want to be the one to hold her down
But if you hadn’t, who knows how
How high she would have flown

It’s not the world that made me cry
It wasn’t something in my eye
And it’s not the way you play your seven string guitar so sweetly
Why won’t you believe me
You were there to see me
As my tiptoes rose above the ground
And your arm shot out to reach me”


from Unwavering Sentinels of Dreaming, released December 1, 2020
Vocals, 7 string guitar, Novation Circuit: Martin Austwick


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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