Dental Health

from by Pale Bird



Every morning you welcome
Time back into your room
You drank a cloudy liquid
Promise me it was apple juice
I tried chewing a clove
Don’t think that I’m avoiding
Believe me when I say I know
It is drawing out the poison

Your regime is wonderful
Teeth, where they’d been pulled
Grew stout, pearly and strong
Back where they belong

I should take a bright demeanour
Don’t imagine that I can’t change
Think of a colourful, abundant meadow
That sounds like an appropriate place
This became a revelation
Helped me to heal everything else
One tiny piece in my missing jigsaw, I’m a
Person with a great love for myself

My goodness, what a transformation
Mind you don’t say miraculous, I
Came upon the pieces and I put them
Back where they belonged

Every time you tell me
I do not believe
Your teeth grew back

I don’t think that
This helped one person
My mind came back


from Year Of The Bird (Volume 3), released September 20, 2019


all rights reserved


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