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One Hundred Promises of Fire

by Pale Bird

Prelude 01:13
It rained for a century from the day they married From the mountain we heard gunshots in the valley They jumped into the river, a whole raindrop nation And the river threw itself into the thirsty ocean Smoke of wood and smoke of tin wrapped around, hand in hand I was born out of the water that fell down upon Thi charcoal land But you won't always be mine You won't always be my home There's a bridge far to the south that no-one's dared to cross And on the other side lies a land of love and loss They have cities there, and flying machines And one day I will go to this place I've only seen in the fleeting moments between angry wakefulness and fitful sleep I'll walk atop its slatey mesas, stare into its grey ravines so deep But you won't ever be mine You won't ever be my home
Why are men so irrational? They really are the useless gender. I say or do a little thing to hurt their precious feelings And they've de friended me forever Love hasn't any elegance - it starts with bleary self-effacement It end with a sorry lover scrabbling for their dignity I've got it buried in the basement How I wish you all were robots and I was a robot too I'm not a tiny star in a brighter firmament I don't intend on proving my unsuperfluousness That truth should be self-evident You shouldn't be a signpost - be your own arbitrator You always seem to get confused by conflicting stimuli and insufficient data That's why I wish you all were robots and I was a robot too I have seven A levels and five or six degrees I use English with a beauty you can only dream of And travel widely internationally I have many years experience - one day they'll canonise my brain If you just can't be bothered to read my Wikipedia page I can't be bothered to explain Why I wish you all were robots and I was a robot too I can't be bothered to explain why I wish you all were robots and I was a robot too I can't be bothered to explain
I could read all the books, if you stopped throwing dirty looks When I put my sweet, sweet books before bros I could prob'ly go outside But you know what's overrated? Sunlight So I put my sweet, sweet books before bros Dear next door neighbour, I am sorry that I crashed your car with rocks. I'll never ever do anything so horrible - that will get me arrested, you know that. I'll give you one thousand pound to repair. I could read all the book if you'd just give me time To put my sweet, sweet books before bros
I haven't felt this blistering heat since the day that I arrived The mountain split, and fire and ash blew out of its side And lava covered everything, and many people died And everyone blamed me cos I had fire in my eyes You were in a taller building sticking out the basalt plane I couldn't see for the clouds of steam formed by the falling rain "Far beneath my feet", I thought, "my doppelgänger lies" The day I saw you by the window with fire in your eyes Why would you think I wanted this? Skyscrapers made maisonettes Maisonettes made graves You'll always weather any storm, take a different tack and sail away And after searching for a while we found a smouldering boat And tucked behind a looking glass were the tatters of a note "There's nothing here but smoke", it said, "that's why everything here dies" "But love must count for something", said the fire in your eyes You were piloting your ship, your attention on the skies That must be why you never saw the fire in my eyes
It must be vanity that compels you to ask me that and think any good could come at all from an honest answer Enemy of Promise, I'll catch the melody you cast on the breeze Enemy, I'll take the only dream you had by its tender throat and squeeze Enemy of promise, I'll frame the photograph of you on your knees Enemy, enemy, promise me Maybe I could be the sort of person who does five impossible things before noon Maybe I could make it my vocation to sit and read book in my room Where is there a medicine to take away this panic, from living in this city, in this country, on this planet?


released October 9, 2013


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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