One hundred years of solitude

from One Hundred Promises of Fire by Pale Bird



It rained for a century from the day they married
From the mountain we heard gunshots in the valley
They jumped into the river, a whole raindrop nation
And the river threw itself into the thirsty ocean
Smoke of wood and smoke of tin wrapped around, hand in hand
I was born out of the water that fell down upon
Thi charcoal land
But you won't always be mine
You won't always be my home

There's a bridge far to the south that no-one's dared to cross
And on the other side lies a land of love and loss
They have cities there, and flying machines
And one day I will go to this place I've only seen in the fleeting moments between angry wakefulness and fitful sleep
I'll walk atop its slatey mesas, stare into its grey ravines so deep
But you won't ever be mine
You won't ever be my home


from One Hundred Promises of Fire, released October 9, 2013


all rights reserved



Pale Bird Austwick, UK

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